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recording vocals part 2.


studio update: recording vocals and drinking wine. videos. pictures.

as all songs are done we're currently recording vocals on the last tracks that will be our second album. its 11 brand new songs. it's going great. we're really looking forward for you to hear the final result.


we went out

listen to a new demo!

NAVET - Hanging Around (The Cardigans)


rehearsal & show & more

today we rehearsed for our upcoming gig at Strand, Stockholm on april 27th. this show will be one of a kind. it's a preparty for one of swedens biggest festvals Hultsfredsfestivalen. 10 bands will cover one song each from a band thats playing at the festival in june. alot of our friends and favourite bands are playing this aswell. wild at heart, simian ghost, hell on wheels, de montevert, azure blue and more. will be so much fun. check out the party HERE.

apart from that we're also working on our next album right now. about 75% done. we have been working on it for about a year(!!) and we really like it.

AND, we're also doing a remix for a big swedish pop artist. you will hear it soon, most likely in a club.


nr 3 on the German iTunes Chart for electronic music!

and number 6 in Switzerland! THANK YOU SO MUCH! you guys are crazy! keep spreading the word about NAVET!  we'll make it up to you in future, we promise! LOVE!

nr 4 at bengans.se

all thanks to you people we are now number 4 on the toplist at bengans.se (one of the biggest record stores in sweden). keep spreading the word about navet so we can take the first place!

order your copy here (worldwide shipping): http://www.bengans.se/Product.aspx?skivkod=686117&section=music

photos from umeå open

alot of photos from our show in umeå for you to see HERE.

livevideo from berlin

legendary channel Arte recorded our show in Berlin when we played as opening act for Chairlift. watch entire show HERE!

INTRODUCING, Heimathafen Neukoelln, Berlin, 24.02.2012

photos from uppsala 16/12

Fotograf: Fredrik Pettersson

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